Human Growth Hormone Side Effects: Pros and Cons Of HGH

Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

With the effects of aging start to become visible at the age of 30, it seems as if the search for the fountain of youth is endless. People flock to the nearest dermatology clinic to ask dermatologists what are the best anti wrinkle creams that they can use. With all the many products out there claiming to be their best bet in combatting the visible effects of aging, there might be a lot of confusion going on in your head. Among them would be supplements, such as the ones coming out called HGH or human growth hormone supplements. These supplements claim to be the best out there and claim that apart from minimizing the visible effects of aging, it also gives other health benefits to not only make you look younger, it also makes you feel younger as well. However, are we all aware if there are any human growth hormone side effects? We do not want to just take any supplements in the hopes that it works and that there are no bad human growth hormone side effects.

Bad Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

Human growth hormones have no side effects if it was produced by our pituitary gland naturally. However, unintentional overdose of HGH can cause some serious and very dangerous problems. One of the most dangerous human growth hormone side effects would be heart diseases. HGH can cause several heart diseases that can ultimately be fatal. Taking in fake HGH products or even overdosing on them can either cause hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a rapid increase in cholesterol which is equally unhealthy and dangerous. Because of the un-natural nature of its intake, it may and will cause these nasty side effects if left unchecked.

Too Much Can Give You Human Growth hormone Side Effects

Although it is true that intake of human growth supplements can produce desirable and beneficial results to the body, an overdose can lead to several complication. It is also true that too much of something is bad. Although it is tempting to jump the gun and go ahead with HGH supplements ignoring all the reported human growth hormone side effects, it is advisable that you first consult a doctor about it. You can never be too sure about anything, and when it comes to your body you need to be perfectly sure that what you are taking will not kill you in the long run. So if you are curious about these HGH supplements but are unaware of the human growth hormone side effects, consult your doctor to be more sure and safe about it.


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