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the subject came to the conclusion that the best remedy

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possibility of further prolapse and the external wound can be closed

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infrequent. It may exceptionally be associated with cardiac or renal dis

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tivated in many parts of Europe and America. The florets are the

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EXPLANATION OF PROCESS. In this process two equivalents of

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relaxation takes place and one feels the tube sliding down. The

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uncertain. There are some cases which present all the signs of oto

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lug sneeziDg and defecation render the pain more intense.

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made by telephone and within twenty four hours in writing.

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them find records that would help them prove their cases.

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numerous neuroblasts throughout its course from the ganglion

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This case was variously interpreted by different clinicians as

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Dihydroxyethylsulphide was injected into a dog the urine collected and

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Dr. Barker I do not think it is surprising that an extramedullary

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nephritis 1 2 chronic diffuse parenchymatous nephritis 22 chronic

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touch friable easily broken up and shows a tendency

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who sdsip ks himself to military life in this unsatisfactory way. Court

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intended purpose. In these experiments Mr. Jukes swal

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in a series of 143 cases to a mortality of 3 per cent.

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interrupt the flow of habit and give rise to changed conditions of

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absorption. A person in ordinary health who desires to

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BoTJQTJET. N ouvelle Analyse de I Eau de la Source de Saint

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side of the theatre is a large radiator heated with low pressure

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Did Dr. Evans test this patient s blood serum with reference

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