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Baltimore described four cases in which the cover test

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Patient declares that never in the last fifty years

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not bear much resemblance to forms of the malarial parasite but which

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dull pain in the left flank. Colic constipation dysuria and neuralgia

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outbreak occurred were partly peculiar to the wards and partly

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nopia at hemianopia of both eyes with hemianopic pupillary inaction at or

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In order to have normal standards of the vital capacity with which

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nate of soda and carbonate of potash are also used as

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have served a regular term in some hospital. They have

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fully examined from day to day so that the most effective treatment may

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makes us ponder How important it is for members of the

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ers than those who have the power to bring into play properly

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Professor first saw the case suffocation seemed inevitable. At

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people that go into that state of cerebral congestion if treated

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uratic concretions being expelled with cessation of the exhaust

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Modest and retiring in demeanor he was distinctly a man among men.

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are raised by an accumulation of epidermic scales beneath them so that

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edged scoop served for taking this tissue which was transferred to and

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pital cases of laryngeal tuberculosis pure and simple and two

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The water of the Weaver Well is acid in reaction with

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Derivation. Made by the action of salicylic acid on

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carditis. When i severe inflammation of the pericardium occurs the liquor

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first few days feeding must be done mainly by the rectum.

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care should be enjoined in the use of appropriate diet which should be